Hidden Crewkerne
Hidden Crewkerne
We are now pleased to present our short video showing some of the hidden delights of Crewkerne.
There are lots of hidden gems in and around our town waiting to be found, we hope our video whets your appetite enough for you to find your own.
Just click on the image above to watch our video.
A Day in the Wildlife of Crewkerne
A Day in the Wildlife of Crewkerne
Here we have a short video made and presented by Abbie Barnes, a Crewkerne local and commissioned especially for Crewkernetown.org.
Please take a few minutes to watch Abbie's film and hopefully you too will be out spotting some of the wildlife Crewkerne has to offer.
Just click on the image above to watch our video.

Events in and around Crewkerne

'See below for a list of upcoming events in our area.

Free listing for all events, just use our contact form. Please be sure to tell us full details of your event including the start and finish time.

Friends of
Crewkerne Railway

We need your help – a happy bunch of enthusiasts have set up a group of friends of Crewkerne Station and need a number of volunteers who are interested in helping out. Why not visit our new website (thanks to CrewkerneTown.org!) to see what we do and learn more.


Crewkerne MapCrewkerneTown Interactive Map
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