Welcome to the new-look website!

The first version of went online in the spring of 2005. The idea has always been to help local small businesses to promote our town online. As a 'local' I share the view of many that we have a lot going for our area and community - and promoting this on the web at no cost to the taxpayer has to be a good thing to do!

While this is a small business in its own right (It 's just me so far, with the help of some friends and the valued input of the Local Information Centre) and a small charge is made to advertise on the site, this enterprise is not all about money: it is about us all doing our bit to promote our area.

I would like to branch out and employ others when the idea has grown big enough. As many know, being in small business means a lot of work is done for love rather than money. The site does need to pay its costs and so it develops and improves when it can. So if you do have ideas, please do let me know; I am always happy to discuss future developments.

For the time being, I hope you will enjoy browsing through the information about our town. More will be added in due course.

Please do feel free to email any comments and we I will do my best to respond.

With all good wishes,

Marcus Barrett


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Friends of
Crewkerne Railway

We need your help – a happy bunch of enthusiasts have set up a group of friends of Crewkerne Station and need a number of volunteers who are interested in helping out. Why not visit our new website (thanks to!) to see what we do and learn more.


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